I am writing on behalf of Markwins International to thank you for the exceptional work. CorpMVP was an ideal partner to observe and assess the impact of new market factors on the organization and the distributive “noises” on productivity.  CorpMVP made our work place more productive, pleasant and profitable. We work with a myriad of outside support services and consultants in the context of our global business, CorpMVP ranks top in class for quality, efficiency and value for money.  We look forward to partnering on future projects.

 Bill George, President & Chief Operating Officer, Markwins International

Jenny and Kathy at CorpMVP presented us with a successful go-to market strategy on a brand new business in less than 2 months. Backed with thorough research of our target customer segment, they defined the action plan for our quick entry into the market and came up with specific recommendations on how to approach the customers for the biggest win. 

– Sabrina Chang, Project Director of Playhut

Jenny is the most organized and reliable person I know. I hired her to manage two marketing projects while I was on maternity leave, and trusted her completely to execute the plan that I had laid out. Jenny’s organizational skills are scalable, allowing her to juggle many details at once without missing a deadline, and coming in close to budget. She handed off the campaigns to me when I returned with everything well-documented. It was as if things were on auto-pilot when I was gone…amazing! 

 Thao Le, Marketing Director, Hyland’s